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Director of Instruction Russel Johnson


Ocean State Golf Academy & Russel Johnson Golf


I have over 25 years of golf experience in the industry and has excelled in all facets. My background has spanned the retail sector, the wholesale side and green grass (golf courses) facilities as well. I am excited to be a part of V Golf Indoor Simulator Suites family after my summer season at Alpine Country Club. I came into the game as it transitioned from wood woods to metal woods and as video lessons were being introduced. I have always been on the cutting edge of technology and OSGA/ RJG will feature a strong focus on technology-based instruction. 

As a knowledgeable instructor, I have adapted to all modern technologies through-out my career while still infusing some old-world teaching methods that I have learned from a number of friends I call mentors. As I have developed my own instruction style, conveying the necessary message clearly and concisely is something I pride myself on. In the four states in which I have taught, my mentors have been very influential to my growth as an instructor helping me groom collegiate players, local amateur's & recreational players. 

As a pattern of doing things differently, an initial consultation of 30 minutes allows for a personal and professional discovery period for both parties. The concept is basic:

· What do you do currently? 

· What should you be doing?

· How do we implement changes?

When moving onto a first lesson there is a variety of price and lesson offerings for all participants. As a rule of thumb simplicity in its most basic form are lessons are taught and the menu of prices reflect it.

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